Delivery of the first Airbus A340-300

SWISS is this week continuing its negotiations with Airbus Industries regarding the financing of the new Airbus A340-300 aircraft.

Whether these negotiations will have an influence on the originally planned delivery date of the first aircraft on June 30 is not yet known. For this reason, this date cannot yet be confirmed.
The organisation for the acceptance of the first aircraft, and the introduction of the A340 into the SWISS fleet is in place and ready

Press events planned July 7th in Basel, Geneva and Zurich

Inaugural flight, LX286 July 8th to DXB - KHI (20.6.2003)


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Airbus A340-300 with Airbus registration FWWJJ -

  Airbus A340   The first Swiss Airbus A340-313 HB-JMA 'Matterhorn', (named after MatterhornCircle – of course!), arrived at Zurich a little after 20:30 local on July 1st. Flying an ILS approach to R/W 16, JMA broke off for a 2000ft flypast along the length of the runway, before making a visual circling approach for runway 28 where it was met by the fire brigade for its celebratory water cascade welcome. Six other units are planned to join the fleet until the end of the year and the two remaining aircraft are due to arrive early in 2004. As each new aircraft enters service, one MD-11 will be phased out. By the summer 2004, the SWISS longhaul fleet will consist of 9 A.330 and 9 A.340 types.