G8 Joint Operation

Dual French and Swiss Air Force aircraft providing CAP cover during the recent G8 Talks in Evian, France.

Pictures taken at Payerne Airfield, June 01, 2003. The Mirage 2000s came from EC.12 based in Cambrai, Northern France and were carrying live Super 530 and Magic 550 AAMs. Swiss Hornets flew 80% of the missions from Payerne carrying AIM-9P5 Sidewinders as well as Amraams. Some aircraft also carried a FLIR pod on the port fuselage station. Low level, low speed CAP missions were flown by French Tucanos also operating from Payerne, whilst Swiss Air Force PC-7s were used as spotter plans based in Sion in the Valais. Operations were flown extensively from May 31 until June 03, thereafter crews were maintained on readiness for the rest of the week.