Fulcrums over Duebendorf - new pictures coming in ... : 10.7.2003 more



A Heinkel 219 Uhu by Tamiya - see the Circle: 10.7.2003 more



First SWISS Airbus A340-313 HB-JMA 'Matterhorn' arrived at Zurich on July 1st late in the evening: 3.7.2003 more



Swiss Hornet's
Pictures of an exhibition ... 26.6.2003 more



Decals for Swiss Mirage IIIRS added to the Right Stuff: 21.6.2003
NEW - Logo of Mata Hari loaded: 26.6.2003 more



Delivery of the first Airbus A340-300 to SWISS
Delivery Flight planned on June 30th: 20.6.2003 more




de'ja vue ...

Two Mirage IIIRS Recon – fighters
(R-2110 is black, R-2116 being white) at Buochs, March 2003: 13.6.2003 more



G8 Joint Operation
Dual French and Swiss Air Force aircraft providing CAP cover during the recent G8 Talks in Evian, France. 5.6.2003 more



Phantom FG.1
First aircraft model to my page added: 10.6.03 more


The Circle is open
as owner of this website, I have taken the privilege to open my page first: 10.6.2003 more