This is the Circle  

Unlike other IPMS units, MatterhornCircle (MC) is not geographically organized, rather, we are spread all over Switzerland and speak different languages. When Urs came up with the idea of setting up MC, we started out as a small group of five, based on friendship and interest in the same hobby. In the last couple of years, MC has attracted some new members. Although we are still the smallest IPMS Switzerland unit with little public activity – MC has a focus on the yearly IPMS exhibitions and sets up displays with clearly defined topics.

On this page, every member will have his own personal showcase. Right now, I am just working my personal profile, but attention will be equally divided amongst all MC members and this section will gradually grow. As previously mentioned, MC has a clear focus on exhibitions and this topic will be reflected here as well.

Maybe a word to those readers not into plastic modelling. Be aware of the ‘Virus Plasticus’. Strangely, only males get infected (but who fancies buying shoes?). Generally a friendly virus that develops into enormous skills, knowledge and the ability to create exact replicas of aircraft, ships, cars or even personna that currently exist or from history – it can have side effects. The most common tendency that gets noticed is ‘kit stashing’. Sometimes, this leads to guilt trips, but can be easily cured by short visits to ‘styrene anonymous’ – mostly followed by a trip to the next hobby shop. Of course, this is completely normal and harmless – unless one runs out of storage space.

In the last couple of years, a new troublesome effect has been discovered and so far, no guaranteed remedy has been found – the true believers of 1/72 scale. But this is a case on it’s own …