MC72072 Pilatus PC-21 1/72 scale

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‚Birth’ oft he PC-21 started in November 1997 when Pilatus modified a PC-7 with new wings and a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6 turbine. Based on those trials, actual development started early 1999 – metal was cut in 2001 and the Rollout was celebrated in May 2002. Type certification was reached by the end of 2004. Soon after, Pilatus started serial production despite the fact, that they had no orders in their books. The PC-21 was developed with characteristics of a Jet Trainer in mind. The PT6A-68B turbine is throttled electronically to simulate a jet engine – the propeller torque is automatically compensated over the rudder. The roll rate of the aircraft is enhanced to 2000/s with additional spoilers on top of the wings. The airfoil is build for speed – the PC-21 reaches a top of Mach 0.72 – but still lacking the power of a real jet engine. Hart of the system are the flexible avionics – depending on the Jet the customer has in mind. The cockpit is equipped with two Martin Baker CH16C ejection seats. The wing is prepared with 5 hard points – 2 wet for long-range fuel tanks. Thus the PC-21 carries no weapons – they are simply simulated electronically for the training of the pilot.

The big breakthrough happened in November 2006 when Singapore placed an order for 19 aircraft. The Swiss Air Force followed with an order for 6 JEPAS (Jetpiloten Ausbildungssystem) PC-21. A-101 to A-106 were delivered in 2008 to the Swiss Air Force. Already in the middle of this year, the first pilot training course on the PC-21 with direct transition onto the F-18D Hornet started, avoiding the step via the F-5F Tiger. Training cost for new F-18 pilots could be reduced by 50%. However it was soon realized, that the demand of 6 to 8 new pilots per year could not be satisfied with 6 training aircraft only. A second order of two additional aircraft was placed in 2010 and the handover to the air force in 2012 increased the PC-21 fleet to 8 aircraft.

While the first 6 PC-21 carried a striking red and white scheme, visibility of the aircraft was deemed unsatisfactory - the follow up aircraft were painted all red with white trim. In time, all six PC-21 were painted in the same manner. A further exterior modification are the black leading edges of the wings and stabilizers. The landing gear, wheel wells and inside of the gear doors are painted white, as well as all antennas. The cockpit canopy has a black trim. As a general note – SAF PC-21 are glossy painted and kept in impeccable clean condition.

By the end of 2017, Pilatus has received orders for 209 PC-21. Next to Singapore and Switzerland, the following countries have ordered the type: Australia, France, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

As always I like to stress, that the decals should be applied to glossy surfaces. They react well to Micro Sol and Micro Set – if you are using a stronger decal softener, please make your own tests. This decal sheet has been designed with a 1/48 scale version as an option. This said – in 1/72 scale some markings are ways too small to be readable when screen-printed.  On the real aircraft, the maintenance markings are subdued and barely recognizable from a short distance. However – I feel to give you the most data as possible on this decal sheet and it is up to your decision, to make use of them, or not. The Whites have been double printed with the intention of a high opacity on the red surface. Before applying the decal for the canopy detonation cord, please dip the canopy into ‘Future’ as the decal will not stick on the bare plastic for a long time.

Fotos: Pilatus, Airliners.net, Geri Friedlos

Paint masks are included as a late addition and are not mentioned in the instructions.

The masks are undercut by 0.035mm. The idea is to place them onto the white base coat before applying the red color scheme. Be carful to mist the red in several layers onto the model in order to avoid any paint build up at the edges of the masks.

FWD (arrow) is in refrence to the aircraft nose...


Pilatus PC-21 1/72 scale - kit CAD designed by 3D-Blitz - moulds produced by MPM

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Fotos: 3D-Blitz