Stephan Beutler

Tigerameise / Tigerant - the signature of Stephan Beutler

is located underneath the starboard horizontal stabilizer

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Limited Release of 100 copies only

This decal sheet is ALPS printed and available in 1/72 scale only. It is designed to fit the Academy F-18C.

Price: CHF 18.-

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The illustrated Tiger color scheme featured on F/A-18C J-5011 was applied in the Spring of 2007 by the renowned airbrush artist Stephan Beutler as a commission from Fighter Squadron 11 from the Swiss Air Force. The same aircraft had previously already had a special scheme applied with the same subject matter. This is hardly a surprise as 11th squadron's badge is a Tiger's head. However, the old scheme was worn out and chipped off due to the high speeds flown and air resistance incurred.

Stephan Beutler works as a professional Airbrush Artist; his attention to reality and detail is his trademark. To work on the vertical stabilizers of J-5011, Stephan was given just two days. Everything was airbrushed freehand, all of the artwork created on the go. That said, the squadron had received some sketches of the basic idea of what Stephan had in mind. The results do not need to be explained! (It should also be mentioned, that Stephan Beutler received a second contract to airbrush two fuel tanks for this aircraft. These are not reflected on this decal sheet.)

These decals are designed to fit the Academy F-18C in 1/72 scale. This kit is, in my opinion, the best rendition of this aircraft in this scale format.

It is important, to apply the decals for the outside vertical stabilizers first. They are printed slightly larger than the actual fin and the decal will fold around the leading and trailing edges as well as the top of the fin. Once it starts to settle, with help of a lot of Micro Sol or other softening liquid, one can trim the bottom line with a sharp scalpel by simply following the bottom line of the stabilizer as a guide. The insides of the stabilizers apply easily as the fit is accurate and will cover the overlaps.

This applies for all Matterhorn Circle Alps printed decals:

The decal film is very thin, wet the spot where the decal goes before applying it in order to be able to slide it into the correct position, after that, remove the surplus water with a paper tissue.

The ink actually lies over the decal film, therefore the decal needs to be trimmed before applying with care and to avoid scratches. Matterhorn Circle decals are protected by a thin layer of acrylic lacquer (Future).

Maj Daniel 'Stampa' Stämpfli
Kdt Fl St 11 2007

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