Two Mirage IIIRS Recon – fighters

(R-2110 is black, R-2116 being white) were specially painted up during March 2003 to celebrate not only Squadron 10’s last deployment to their wartime base in Buochs, NW, but also to celebrate the end of the Mirage IIIRS (named “Amir” in Swiss military jargon) service in the Swiss Air Force at the end of December 2003. Highlighting the Amir’s role as an airborne camera using black and white negative film, the two aircraft sport opposite color schemes on their lower sides to contrast the upper fuselage and wing.

Sponsored by aviation companies RUAG Aerospace and Alpine Air Support, the two aircraft debuted at a staged rollout ceremony in Buochs on March 26, 2003 and flew during that and the following week. Expect to see these Mirage aircraft at several European summer airshows and during the Amir’s final hour of glory at the Axalp mountain range in October 2003. (13.6.2003)

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amir 1
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