I will display models that have been built using Matterhorn Circle products.

Please send in pictures of your built models and a description of your experience during construction. Saying this, I understand, that OUTSIDE will become a section not only containg pro but also contra - critics and advice.

If you wish to display your models here - please contact me:


Mirage IIIRS R-2118 'Mata Hari'
by Ralph B. Thompson, February 2007: more

AT-16 Harvard IIB U-328 as displayed in the Air Force Mueum Duebendorf
by Bruno Schneider, July 2007: more

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German text only

Mirage III R2 Z
by Marcel W. Hohl, July 2007

Bernard Vogt

DH-112 Venom Mk 4
by Bernard Vogt, July 2010


DH-112 Venom Mk 1
Mirage IIIC

Andreas Graessli

DH-112 Venom Mk 4
by Andreas Graessli, July 2010


DH-100 Vampire