Robert Schneider  

Here's the story - I got infected at the age of 6. Since then, I haven't developed a desire to cure myself from this virus plasticus affliction. As I'm about to turn 44, my interest is focused on aircraft. I suffered a period, when I only build 1/72 scale jets, but I managed to widen my horizons thereafter.

At the moment, I'm busy setting up this website, however, I do have some obligations towards MC and the forthcoming IPMS Nationals. I have committed myself to building a Tu-16 for the exhibition in October and still have to finish a P-3B Orion. More about those projects later.

Realizing, that a website consumes lots of time - as does serious modeling - this summer will pass very rapidly and I intend to acquire a decent tan as long we this decent summer weather prevails!





One of my all time favorite subjects is the F-4 Phantom II. For this reason this is my first scale model to go into my personal folder.