Curiculum plasticum

Hi. My nam
e is Peter.
I'm nearly fifty years old, have a family with two great boys and work as a photographer in the advertising business. Like most of us, I started modelling at a very early age, but I cannot say exactly how early. I remember me and my brother going to the toyshop and buying a Hellcat from a brand called Lindberg. I also remember the finished model looking like Hellcat, so it must be considered an instant success. Later I bought myself a kit of the "Bismark" in 1:1200 because it had the best "guns-per-pocket money ratio". Inevitably this construction ended up as an unrecognisable blob of glue. My adolescence was signified by an adventure called Airfix. They were cheap, good and always available. Today I try to specialise in aircraft, scales 72nd and 48th. Normally I get fascinated by a certain subject, like i.e. soviet jets, I read a lot of books about it, build a small number (3-5)of examples and then pass on to my next subject. At present I have about 45 finished models. This number will remain nor or less constant as I have a morbid desire to destroy my older ones at about the same rate as I finish new ones.